Installation at Swenson Gallery
Bakehouse Art Complex Miami
“a wonderfully outrageous exhibition.” - Performance is Alive

Ghoulish Gestures is an exhibition that was presented at Bakehouse Art Complex (Wynwood, Miami). The exhibition was organized by curator Jesse Firestone (Wavehill, The Shed). According to Firestone, Ghoulish Gestures is the result of multiple conversations with Whiteley about the reception and interpretation of his clown personas. Whiteley’s clown performances have enraged local communities across Chicago and Brooklyn, contributing to Youtube users naming Whiteley "the worst asshole ever"! Firestone also notes that “while Brian's impetus for these performances is noble - to show the people how easily the media can be manipulated- there is serious a breakdown in communication or translation because people are so enraged by the works that they can’t even see what his performances are doing. This gallery show presents a unique opportunity to remove the performances from their initial making, illuminate the inner workings that make these performances so viral-ready, and qualify them within a larger practice. It’s all about framing.”