1. Summer Camp Slaughter. Video Installation.Summer Camp Slaughter is my tribute to the epic slow motion death scene that dominate the late 70's - 80's horror film genre. In this video I perform as both the victim and the killer, chasing myself down, threatening death at every step. The installation at the Mill featured a plastic wrapped “Kill Room” with surround sound of the pulsating music with the video projected on splatters of paint.
2. Death Portraits A nod to the old west history of taking portraits of the dead in their casket.  The event culminated in us marching the hand-made coffin over to the fire and throwing it in.  The series was done in collaboration with Alex Yudzon as part of the Heather Metal Parking Lot.
3. The Sacrificial Altar
Following up from the previous year’s Heather Metal “Death Portraits”,  I decided to create a dark and demented sacrificial alter in which a devil will sacrific you.  Collaboration with Alex Yudzon.