Brian Andrew Whiteley

1. Justin Bieber is Suing Me (he literally did)
2. Trump Tombstone (placed on a secret service watchlist for potential assasination threat)
3. Starting a Creepy Clown Pandemic (sorry, not sorry)
4. Vladimir Putin Painting at Trump DC Hotel (the presidential suite will never be the same)
5. Bigfoot Hoaxes (was almost shot by a hunter as bigfoot)
6. Graffiti Abstractions (a blend of street art and abstraction made during a mental break)
7. Demonic Paintings (made in Spain with blood and urine)
8. Dirty Secret (Vol. I, II, III)
9. Video Art (selected works that will amaze you)
10. Clown Masks (made from fabric and womens lingerie)
11. Greek Landscapes Book (send an email to purchase/
12. Performance Works (selected works)
13. Felt Buddies (selected works)
14. Hanging a Clown Painting at MoMA(what a wonderful experience!)  
15. Buy My Underwear (used calvin klein underwear for sale. yummy!)
16. Days on the Moon (a concept album about getting kicked out of my home)
17. Fetish (meeting strangers to enact their fetish)

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3. CV
4. @brian_andrew_Whiteley
6. The Society of the Sky (SOS) (2024 theme: The Demons We Carry)
7. (The Best Art Fair in the World)